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  wpetit cc89f755cf chore: add agpl-3.0 licence 11 months ago
  wpetit 6b52aae8f1 Merge branch 'plugin' 11 months ago
  wpetit ad5c02bd80 Basic plugin system with centralized registry 1 year ago
  wpetit 576d5f8548 fix: use new sink api for logger package 1 year ago
  wpetit 1c740f8399 chore: update dependencies 1 year ago
  wpetit fe90d81b5d chore: fix goweb tests 1 year ago
  wpetit 9343970672 chore: fix cqrs tests 1 year ago
  wpetit b73723b5f5 chore: ignore .vscode directory 1 year ago
  wpetit 985ce3eba3 template/html: refactor template loading 1 year ago
  wpetit f48503f2b6 Container: add WithContainer helper 1 year ago
  wpetit 5d53e32316 CQRS: rename Bus to Dispatcher 1 year ago
  wpetit 76dea96a46 cqrs: base package 2 years ago
  wpetit 636b2dbf8f template service: add Render() method 2 years ago
  wpetit 42aba649c8 logger: add With() shortcut alias 2 years ago
  wpetit 67e87adf89 logger: add SetFormat function 2 years ago
  wpetit 60d9fde890 logger: add log level aliases 2 years ago
  wpetit bc82c8b59c logger: add missing slog shortcut aliases 2 years ago
  wpetit 682d70ed30 Add simple logging package 2 years ago
  wpetit fa49bcf0c7 Remove scaffold command from repository 2 years ago
  wpetit e4293b7b8b project layout - web: add server listening log message 2 years ago
  wpetit 7a88321a69 Add basic scaffolding tool to generate new projects 2 years ago
  wpetit 35bd6d65bb Add BuildInfo service and template data extension 2 years ago
  wpetit 4d82e29793 Switch GenerateRandomBytes() method to public 2 years ago
  wpetit b2a83e3022 Remove unnecessary line 2 years ago
  wpetit 18f2ffaaa9 template: add layout loading API 2 years ago
  wpetit bbcb571772 Migrate module to gitlab.com/wpetit 2 years ago
  wpetit d95bbe0c1f Use Go modules 2 years ago
  wpetit 35c763a6c6 Use store to define session default options 3 years ago
  wpetit 7c00e0c8bf Add 'api' package to ease basic JSON API development 3 years ago
  wpetit 6595e8cb89 Correction suppression de la session 3 years ago
  wpetit b4e34ea817 Merge branch 'hotfix/typo' of bgaude/goweb into master 3 years ago
  wpetit caeb968ebb Merge branch 'feature/gorilla-session-provider' of bgaude/goweb into master 3 years ago
  Benjamin Gaudé 9d5a2b02cc Add gorilla session provider 3 years ago
  Benjamin Gaudé 5b4cebf93b Fixe typo dans l'exemple 3 years ago
  wpetit 38f4c7b735 Move Debug and ServiceContainer middlewares into their own packages 3 years ago
  wpetit a2b0ab6471 Add general usage example 3 years ago
  wpetit 9b13461e93 Add html template service provider factory 3 years ago
  wpetit bd676c234f Add usage example for the service container 3 years ago
  wpetit 100cf83917 Fix TemplateService helpers initialization 3 years ago
  wpetit d83508c769 Return http.HandlerFunc instead of http.Handler 3 years ago
  wpetit d62b42ab97 Add cookie session store helper 3 years ago
  wpetit 2cb1bf1881 Initial commit 3 years ago