Firmware OpenWRT incluant l'agent Emissary par défaut
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Jenkins eaf60e139e
arcad/emissary-firmware/pipeline/head This commit looks good Details
feat: use emissary 2023.9.20-stable.1602.6318a8b
6 days ago
doc docs: Corrected documentation related to Banana BPI hardware 4 weeks ago
install fix: clear default configuration by setting only requires 4 weeks ago
misc ci: install python3-distutils in docker environment 4 weeks ago
targets feat(bpi-r3): use openwrt 23.05.0-rc3 4 weeks ago
.gitignore chore: move install recipes in separate files 7 months ago
Jenkinsfile ci: do not pull before updating emissary release version 1 month ago
Makefile feat: add basic bananapi r3 target 4 weeks ago feat: initial commit 7 months ago
emissary_release.txt feat: use emissary 2023.9.20-stable.1602.6318a8b 6 days ago
packages.txt feat: differentiate machine-id generation in x86 target 7 months ago

Emissary - Firmware

Recette de construction de firmwares OpenWRT personnalisés intégrant les binaires Emissary.


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