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  Philippe Caseiro 771527f423 Adding syslog support for apache logs 8 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro 15806edb94 Adding remote port to logs 8 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro 356ebbef55 Adding the possibility to add X-Fowarded-For to the logs 8 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro d964141ac9 Adding support for KeepAlive enable and Disable 9 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 6a582632fe Correctif modules 9 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut c33bfc2204 Configuration Apache à jour 9 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut e25ac46bd7 Passage en MPM Worker 10 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 31263f9b78 Passage en MPM Worker 10 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 431133c0b4 Passage en MPM Worker 10 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 1a1af4a871 Passage en MPM Worker 10 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut a4cdd886c0 Ajout filelist conf attribute-* 10 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 5c2c776cbf Fix import vhost partenaires 10 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 4d4bffabd8 Ajout conf Apache MPM Event 11 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 0f70ed6313 Suppression des CORS 11 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut ed2cffa3a6 Conf apache-shib chargée 11 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut 7dd3c10937 Choix fichier local possible pour metadata IDP 11 months ago
  Teddy Cornaut ff099081fb Ajout configuration pour Vhost Apache personnalisés 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro fa00966852 Fixing apache configuration 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro c696a3df41 Adding missing template 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro 1428d3d275 Fixing http issues : 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro 19a537aaa2 Force value 'non' for activer_nginx_web 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro 540af78e51 Fixing bad variable name 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro b4a89f58bb Adding missing variable 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro 7ddd0c12f4 Placing separators in right spot. 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro ffe3a40f95 Updating README 11 months ago
  Philippe Caseiro 0b0185bb05 First commit 11 months ago