Eolisation d'un Fournisseur d'identité Shibboleth / Eole Shibboleth IDP integration
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Shibboleth is a federated web authentication and attribute exchange system
based on SAML, originally developed by Internet2 and now a product of the
Shibboleth Consortium.

Please review the terms described in the LICENSE.txt file before using this
code. It is the standard Apache 2.0 license.

A wealth of information about Shibboleth can be found at

Shibboleth is divided into identity and service provider components, with the
IdP (this software) in Java and the SP in C++.

Source and binary distributions are available from

The source is available in Subversion, as described in the Shibboleth
site. Mailing lists and a bug database (https://issues.shibboleth.net/) are
also available.

For basic information on building from source, using binaries, and deploying
Shibboleth, refer to the web site and Wiki for the latest documentation.