Eolisation d'un Fournisseur d'identité Shibboleth / Eole Shibboleth IDP integration
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  1. Current Development Team
  2. Scott Cantor
  3. The Ohio State University
  4. Daniel Fisher
  5. Virginia Tech
  6. Brent Putman
  7. Georgetown University
  8. Rod Widdowson
  9. Steading System Software LLP
  10. Ian Young
  11. Independent
  12. Tom Zeller
  13. Dragonacea, LLC
  14. Emeritus Developers
  15. Derek Atkins
  16. Jim Fox
  17. Walter Hoehn
  18. Chad LaJoie
  19. Derek Morr
  20. Will Norris
  21. Emeritus Contributors
  22. Steven Carmody
  23. Brown University
  24. Marlena Erdos
  25. Ken Klingenstein
  26. Internet2
  27. Nate Klingenstein
  28. Internet2
  29. Nicole Harris
  30. TERENA
  31. RL "Bob" Morgan
  32. University of Washington
  33. http://shibboleth.net/community/news/20120717.html
  34. Many others!
  35. Additional thanks to:
  36. Internet2
  37. The National Science Foundation
  38. National Research Council of Canada
  39. Barbara Jenson (CMU), Parviz Dousti (CMU), Tom Dopirak (CMU),
  40. and Sridhar Muppidi (IBM/Tivoli); for helping to develop
  41. the initial Shibboleth prototype
  42. Brian Pittman (WebAssign), Mark Earnest (PSU), James Shvarts (Columbia),
  43. Ryan Muldoon (Wisconsin), John Hopkins (PSU), Noah Levitt (Columbia),
  44. and David Walker (UCOP); for much help with testing
  45. Dave Dearman (NRCC), for contributing a SQL Data Connector for the AA
  46. resolver back in the 1.x release
  47. Noah Levitt (Columbia), for simplifying the logging configuration.
  48. Joel Murphy (Buffalo), for much help with load testing and generally
  49. pushing the software to its limits.
  50. Vishal Goenka (SunGard SCT) for contributing some useful resolver plugins
  51. Ian Young for donating XSLT scripts for converting metadata across
  52. Shibboleth versions
  53. Derek Morr, from Penn State University, for his initial work on the 2.0 IdP
  54. authentication engine
  55. Kaspar Brand for assisting in the development of CRL-related functionality
  56. The community at large for helping with end user support, particularly
  57. Peter Schober, Paul Hethmon, Kevin Foote, Russell Beall, and Christopher
  58. Bongaarts