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My Module

This is a full featured module template for Dolibarr


GPLv3 or (at your option) any later version.

See COPYING for more information.


To install this module, Dolibarr (v >= 3.3) have to be already installed and configured on your server.

  • In your Dolibarr installation directory: edit the htdocs/conf/conf.php file
  • Find the following lines:

    #$=dolibarr_main_url_root_alt …

    #$=dolibarr_main_document_root_alt …


    //$=dolibarr_main_url_root_alt …

    //$=dolibarr_main_document_root_alt …

  • Delete the first “#” (or “//”) of these lines and assign a value consistent with your Dolibarr installation

    $dolibarr_main_url_root = …


    $dolibarr_main_document_root = …

for example on UNIX systems:

$dolibarr_main_url_root = 'http://localhost/Dolibarr/htdocs';

$dolibarr_main_document_root = '/var/www/Dolibarr/htdocs';

$dolibarr_main_url_root_alt = 'http://localhost/Dolibarr/htdocs/custom';

$dolibarr_main_document_root_alt = '/var/www/Dolibarr/htdocs/custom';

for example on a Windows system:

$dolibarr_main_url_root = 'http://localhost/Dolibarr/htdocs';

$dolibarr_main_document_root = 'C:/My Web Sites/Dolibarr/htdocs';

$dolibarr_main_url_root_alt = 'http://localhost/Dolibarr/htdocs/custom';

$dolibarr_main_document_root_alt = 'C:/My Web Sites/Dolibarr/htdocs/custom';

For more information about the conf.php file take a look at the conf.php.example file.

  • Clone the repsitory in $dolibarr_main_document_root_alt/mymodule

(You may have to create the custom directory first if it doesn’t exist yet.)

git clone --recursive mymodule
  • The template now uses a git submodule to fetch the PHP Markdown library. If your git version is less than 1.6.5, the --recursive parameter won’t work. Please use this to fetch the latest version: git clone mymodule cd mymodule git submodule update --init

for example on UNIX systems: /var/www/Dolibarr/htdocs/custom

for example on a Windows system: C:/My Web Sites/Dolibarr/htdocs/custom

From your browser:

  • log in as a Dolibarr administrator
  • under “Setup” -> “Other setup”, set “MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL” to “2”
  • go to “Setup” -> “Modules”
  • the module is under one of the tabs
  • you should now be able to enable the new module

Other Licences

Uses Michel Fortin’s PHP Markdown Licensed under BSD to display this README.